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Welcome! Our program is based at Wayne State University School of Medicine nestled in the heart of Detroit. We are affiliated with Detroit Receiving, Sinai Grace and St. John hospitals. All 3 are major academic institutions with EM residencies (over 120 residents total) and annual total volume of over 300k patients.

Year Fellowship Started: 2014

Ultrasound Program Status
Division with the Department of Emergency Medicine

Number of Ultrasound Faculty: 11

Notable Faculty
Leonard Bunting, MD RDMS – Fellowship Co-Director
Mark Favot, MD RDMS RDCS – Fellowship Co-Director
John Gallien, MD – Fellowship Assocoate Director
Ashley Sullivan, MD – Fellowship Assistant Director
Robert Ehrman, MD – Fellowship Assistant Director

Ultrasound Fellowship Education
Our program was created to give the best education, teaching, research and clinical opportunities to our fellows. It is comprehensive and flexible to ensure it meets individual needs.

QA and education with a core ultrasound faculty member weekly. Includes reading review, image review and online meeting with all faculty.
Resident teaching sessions weekly
Article review / journal club monthly
Established relationship with off services for additional exposure and fine tuning including
MSK, transvaginal, echo and more.
Pediatric experience enhanced through our relationship with Childrens Hospital of Michigan

Other Information

Fellows do 7-9 shifts per month. Fellows choose one academic site for their clinical duties.

Fellows are compensated >$125K with benefits including medical, malpractice, CME and more.