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Why SJH EM?   Curriculum   How to Apply   Benefits & Stipend


What makes our residency special?


Busiest single-site ED in Detroit

The best way to learn is by seeing patients and managing pathology

Level II trauma center in name only

We see equal or more trauma than the other programs in the city. EMS does not divert adult or pediatric trauma from our hospital for any reason. There is no burn ward at St John (currently), which is part of the reason we are not a Level I. After stabilization, major burns are transferred.

No orthopedic residency program at St. John

ER physicians reduce all necessary dislocations and fractures

Propofol in the ED

ER physicians can utilize propofol for procedures and will gain that much more experience in procedural sedation and airway management

Participate in running medical and trauma codes as first year resident

Learning by experience begins early enough to assert proficiency

Pediatric ER

We have a dedicated pediatric ER and pediatric-EM trained faculty.  For residents, pediatric shifts are mixed into the schedule with adult shifts to maintain educational acuity.

Tactical EMS

A voluntary way to become involved with local law enforcement and local EMS


The St. John GME office provides research staff and support from study design all the way to statistics

Single Site

Until PGY-3, all rotations are at St. John.  In the third year, ophthalmology and pediatric anesthesia are at the DMC